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You're so nice! Like master!
gayformaster wrote in stop_panicking
WHO: Everyone and Anyone!
WHEN: Thursday, October 28th! So yes, this is dated for THE FUUUTUURE. It gives us more time to do everything we might want to do. ♥
WHERE: A ballroom in the...upper areas of the ship. Yes. I am quite specific.
WHY: Because we need some light and friendly happiness going on up in here!
NOTES: Caaan you feeeel the love toniiight... KIND OF uh. Anything can go down!!! So, just a couple of ground stuff.

• if your thread with someone happens to end up with violence/extreme cursing/smutting/SOMETHING THAT WOULD NEED A LABEL, just note that in the subject line.

• Time doesn't exist! So don't worry about tag time...continuity when tagging specific things. NO WORRIES it'd all just get too confusing worrying about that anyway.

• When you comment, add your character's tag.


All done! Start whenever you'd like to!!
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Everything's fine.

[Trowa turns round the corner then, holding his vest tucked beneath one arm; he's just been walking on a small extra trail lined with chips of wood of some kind or another, and the noises are clearly his fault as they stop the moment he gets back to their main pathway.]

[He stops, turns his back to her, and crouches down carefully so as not to get any dust or other rubbish on his clothes; whatever he's busy with, it keeps his full attention for a few moments. When he moves aside, however, shaking out his vest and swiping a hand over the lining of it to remove stray bits of foliage, there is something of a present for her.]

[Kaylee didn't really seem able to go down the really narrow pathways and see what was hiding there... so, he brought them to her instead, knowing that he would have felt guilty if she'd ripped that dress while he was on watch and vastly preferring not to have to deal with any unpleasant emotions the ball itself wasn't responsible for inspiring in him.]

[The kid's arranged a small selection of multi-colored plants and flowers in different shapes and sizes, having tried to gather part of one each of something that didn't much look like any of the others. There's also a thin, reedy-looking branch with a few equally-spindly leaves poking off the end, and one of the sandstone rocks he passed on the way. Wisely, he took as little as possible so as not to damage the plants too much and avoided getting any dirt in with them.]

[Oddly absent, however, is the fleshy-looking specimen he'd tossed a pebble into--it had belched at him after he'd done so. Best to err on the side of caution with that one.]

[Well, she's at least relieved that the noises were coming from him, though she still doesn't realize what he's up to until she actually sees the bouquet.]

[She's quiet for a second before her face breaks out into the biggest grin possible.]

Oh wow- you're pretty sneaky, you know that? And here I thought you was runnin' off to relieve yourself or the like.

[She may be joking. It's hard to tell, considering everything she's saying has that cheerful tone of voice. That gets dimmed down a notch as she actually takes the time to look at all the plants gathered there.]

You ever even seen any of these before?

[He freezes in place, unsure of how to take that kind of joke from her--from Duo, it's almost expected; from her, it's a little surprising. But he gets over it quickly, faintly amused by the tactlessness of the statement, joke or not.]

[He shakes his head 'no' once, his bangs shifting to the other side and back again with the motion.]

Just these, [And he points at something that is actually a... common weed. So maybe the gardeners didn't quite have a handle on their botany lessons after all.] Sorry.

[She shrugged, still smiling and taking a look at the arrangement of flowers.]

Oh, it don't really matter. It's still shiny, all of them together like that. That's real nice of you to do, Trowa.

[He evades the compliment with a careful sidestep, never one to know how to respond to such things even when he does consider them warranted. He does, however, nod once, eyes closed and something like a smile creeping into his expression.]

That's good.

...I am glad it helped.

[Trowa then opens them to stare down at his vest again, picking off a stray leaf he missed up by the shoulder of it. That whole running off thing he does? Yeah. Good Vegas odds say he'll do it again very shortly.]

Hell, I'm glad you decided to come! You havin' fun?

[Because she'd feel bad if he wasn't enjoying himself- that was the entire point of the evening, right? Even if he was off taking a break in the garden- well, she couldn't blame him for that, there was so much to see.]

[Shrugs the item of clothing back on when she talks, and takes a moment to re-button it, then smooth it out with his hands.]



[Is he having fun? Well, the music had been good to hear for the most part, and there was cake (always a bonus). Sooner or later, the DJ would get around to the karaoke announcements, and he would get to see that, too. Plus, it hadn't been so terrible out here either. True, the whole... dancing with people and aliens thing as a suggested part of the evening was not something with which he was all that eager to join in, but that could be overlooked.]

Yeah. It's not that bad.

[She smiles, though it's a little ridiculous that he has to think about whether or not he's having fun.]

Glad to hear it. Wouldn't be much point in bein' here otherwise. Food's real good, if you haven't grabbed a shot at it yet.

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