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The windows to his soul?
yellow_snakeyes wrote in stop_panicking
Who: Crowley and Chihaya
What: Lunch at Crowley's!
When: Sometime in January...during the whole Black Hole fiasco.
Where: 8-1
Warnings: Chihaya.

[He's gone soft. There's no denying it now, not with the End of Times looming nigh in the form of a black hole in clear view right out his flat's fancy dome window, and Chihaya on his way over to partake in a shared afternoon meal. He hesitates to call it 'lunch' because it's really just take-out, but he's sure Chihaya will be falling over himself to be grateful and happy for it all the same.

The food's arrived already, actually, and he's set it out on the dining room table. Now all that remains is for the plucky little angel to show up.

Which is actually something he's weirdly looking forward to.

Which is really just another sign of the End of Times.

And that's actually rather comforting, honestly.]

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[Making his way to Crowley's room isn't nearly as much of a chore as it used to be, thanks to rooming with Polly]

[So when he reaches the door, he doesn't know why he's so antsy. Or rather, he can't tell if he's excited or nervous.]

[Black hole aside, of course]

[He doesn't bother knocking-- he knows the door doesn't like that, and he doesn't want to be rude! So instead he calls out just loud enough for the demon inside to hear]

Crowley! It's me!

[Even though the door opens on its own when told to, Crowley goes over to it to open it and let Chihaya inside.]

Hey. Come in.

Hello, Crowley!

[Oh, he knows that. But there's something special about Crowley answering the door for him!]

[And speaking of special, Chihaya's going to give Crowley a nice, big, but quick! hug before stepping inside]

[Naturally, he takes his shoes off at the door. Manners!]

Something smells really good! Did you cook?

[He endures Chihaya's hug with an eyeroll but no real displeasure. The times, how they have changed.]

I don't cook. It's take-out.

Take-out is still good! Is it Chinese? Italian? Alien?

[His grin stretches from ear to ear. And, more importantly, it's actually genuine!]

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[Good. Chihaya'd better be happy. B|]

English, I guess. It's fish and chips. There's beer if you want it or something else if you don't.

[Like a good host (hey, he can be! Sometimes!) he starts to usher Chihaya in the direction of the table, where the food is still piping hot and fresh even though it's been sitting for about 10 minutes.]

[Chihaya allows himself to be ushered along into the living room. When he sees the plates, he suddenly starts giggling!]

Did you do that on purpose?

[Oh, no, he's already giggling. That can't be good.]

...Did I do what on purpose?

Don't you remember?

[Chihaya turns to face Crowley. Thankfully, he's not distraught, but his face is just the slightest hint of red]

After I met you for the first time in Aziraphale's book shop. Where you showed me your wings, I got lost for a few days, and then we met again in a bar.

You got me fish and chips then, too!

Oh, yeah. I did, huh?

[And he's definitely not ashamed of getting Chihaya lost for a few days! Nope! Not ashamed at all!]

Nah, I didn't do it on purpose. It's just what I was hungry for, is all.

Ah well. Either way, it's bound to taste delicious, right?

[Without any further pushing, he makes his way to the table and sits, patiently waiting for Crowley to do the same!]

[And by patient I mean kicking his feet back and forth]

[Yup. Definitely almost back to old!Chihaya]

[He observes the kicking without comment, but it does make him feel better. Not that he was feeling bad! But still. It's good to see.]

It had better.

[Is Crowley threatening the food? Maybe, maybe not. Food usually knows its place.]

What do you want to drink?

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[Chihaya gives it careful consideration, even going as far as to steeple his fingers in thought!]

I'll take one of those beers you mentioned earlier, if that's okay.

I wouldn't've offered if it weren't.

[Should he be worried? Oh, well. The best place for a kid to get pissed is with a loving concerned family member.]

[So Crowley saunters into the kitchen and retrieves two beers from the refrigerator, pours them into two glasses retrieved from the freezer, and returns to the table to place one in front of Chihaya before seating himself.]

Help yourself, kiddo.

Thank you very much, Crowley!

[Chihaya begins scarfing down his food (as politely as one can, anyway). Also, the kicking stops!]

Don't mention it.

[He would never be comfortable with all this 'thanking' business. The best thing to do, he'd found, was redirect.]

Are you eating enough?

[Some critical eyeballing of said food scarfing goes here. The questions 'Are you well?' and 'how are you feeling?' can probably be heard in his inquiry.]

[Chihaya almost seems bemused for a second, having caught that little undertone of worry.]

Yes, sir! Polly makes sure of that.

She's a really great cook, you know!

[...Okay, good.]

Yeah, I do. Though I see she hasn't managed to fatten you up at all.

But I thought getting fat was bad.

...It's an expression. But there's also such a thing as being too skinny, too.

Oh, I know.

[At that, Chihaya stands up straight, although he doesn't do it angrily. He turns around slowly while looking over his shoulder, almost like a dog chasing his tail]

For some reason I don't really seem to gain weight, but what do you think?

[Crowley gives Chihaya a critical appraisal, since that's what he seems to expect...not that he can tell too much under the flowy clothing the boy favors, but there is definitely a healthy look to Chihaya's face. He's seen this kid look much, much worse.]

Not bad. I guess you're doing okay.

[Is Crowley teasing? Sometimes it's kind of hard to tell.]

Thank you very much!

[Is Chihaya's... chest puffed out? Is he happy about how he looks? That black hole may very well be his fault]

[Black holes aren't caused by derpy little angels.]

Right. Sit back down and eat, Chihaya.

[They could be!]

[And this derpy little angel is gonna be obedient and sit down]

[But not without giggling first]

Okay, okay.

...You're in a good mood. Did something happen?

[besides a lunch invite from Uncle Crowley, shhh]


[thoughtful chew of tartar-sauce-dipped chip]

That put you in a good mood, did it?


Well, wait, when you put it that way it sounds weird.

What I meant is that it got me thinking... that thing is probably going to kill us, right? Like, it's really, really likely that it will.

As scary as that is though, it kind of helped me out a bit! If this is really the end, then I don't want to meet it angry or sad or bitter about everything that's happened.

And, and, and, before you say anything, I know you and everybody else have been trying really hard to get me back to normal. I was really really stupid not to say anything before, so I want to say it now, because all of your efforts helped, too.

So, um, thank you, too!

[He listens quietly while Chihaya talks, munching on his food, one eyebrow slowly raising in...well, not in surprise, but in something similar, possibly. It goes back down when Chihaya finishes with his usual happy gratitude, and Crowley snorts softly, the beginnings of a grin twitching at the corners of his mouth.]

Well, uh, you're welcome, I guess. But I wouldn't write the lot of us off just yet.

I won't!

I know I still have a long way to go, but this is a good first step, right?

It sure doesn't seem to have hurt anything.

[It's good to see Chihaya behaving more cheerfully again...not that he'd ever say that aloud.]

[He nods happily with the knowledge that this is as close to a compliment Crowley usually got.]

[So instead of pushing, Chihaya goes back to eating, finishing half his plate before speaking again]

Hey, Crowley, you can teleport, right? To anywhere you want?

...Yeah, I guess. Why?

[He asks as if he doesn't know what Chihaya's driving at...but then, this is Chihaya. Maybe he doesn't know.]

Why not leave?

I mean, I don't want you to leave, but you could.

[...He was right this time. There's a lot that he could say to that, but he just finishes his current mouthful, swallows, and shrugs.]

Because it's not over 'till it's over. There's still time for things to turn around.

Do you think they will?

[The question, in both tone and intent, is almost completely innocent. There's a smidge of underlying doubt, as if Chihaya expects at least a little lying, but it's vastly outweighed by the fact that that derpy little angel trusts Crowley to give his honest opinion]

[And it's almost as if he expects it to be a positive one, to boot]

Stranger things have happened. There's no way to know what's going to happen this time until it does, though, so I'll wait and see.

[Well, Crowley is an optimist. Also, he's not going to mention this to Chihaya, but he's been having a blast egging on the End of Times cults that have popped up since the black hole appeared.]

Right! We just have to believe!

[AAANNND Chihaya takes a rather convicted bite of food to emphasize his point!]

[Well not really, but it was uncanny timing]

There you are, then.

[Well, Chihaya seems to have perked right up...even though he was already pretty perky to begin with. Time for a new subject...]

How's Polly been doing?

She's been doing great! The tea shop is a really big hit with the refugees.

[Kiwi let's bounce and continue threading HERE]

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