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Deadeyes and the Prizes that Follow
you pretty sure about that?
gunofadeadman wrote in stop_panicking
Who: John Marston and YOU!
What: John's been enjoying the 'shoot the target' games on the planet. But they keep giving him huge stuffed animals as prizes. RANDOM PASSER-BY, WOULD YOU LIKE A HUGE STUFFED ANIMAL?
When: Today!
Where: Down on the planet!
Warnings: None.

[He wouldn't have called it a fool thing for him to participate in. After all, the planet was nothing but rides and attractions, so who was he to decline one of those 'carnival games' or two? It had been something silly, really. A bunch of moving targets with bright, painted bulls-eyes slapped on, and he was supposed to hit them with something reminiscent of a cheap B.B. gun.

Given John Marston's history, he possibly could have done it with his eyes closed.

It was all for fun, of course. (And partly due to boredom.) And he looked satisfied enough until the alien attending the stand excitedly tossed a huge stuffed animal into his arms as a prize for his excellent marksmanship. The damn thing was nearly as big as him.

Now he just felt silly.

So the cowboy currently walks around holding the gigantic fluffy thing, gazing around the crowd for someone to take it off his hands. Surely someone out there would want it.]

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Awww, it's so cute!

[hello I am completely missing these context clues and assuming that you are happy as a clam to have this prize]


Hello, miss. You want it? I really don't got any need for it.


[pause pause pause]

..,What's the catch?

Ain't none. Other than the fact that when you're walkin' with it, you won't be able to see anythin' directly in front of you.

Figure I can put up with a bit of that for its sake!

Right, then. Glad to find it a proper home. [he hands over the gigantic stuffed animal thing]

[yessss gigantic stuffed animal buddy]

You didn't wanna keep it?

[gruff laugh] What in the world would a man like me do with it?

Dress it up, take it to tea parties, play with it's hair... you tellin' me guys like you ain't into that sorta thing?

None that I've met, but maybe I'm just old fashioned.

Well that's a right shame. Guess you miss out again, seein' as how I'm not givin' this guy back.

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